2 Reasons Not To Quit Your Job

Hi this is Jim Schneider with the Personnel Consulting Group. I’m a Finance and Accounting search consultant and manager here. Today I’m going to talk briefly with you about why you should consider staying where you’re at and not looking for a new job which sounds counterintuitive.  I think the most important thing through this process is that we always want to have your best interests at heart, whether  that means staying or making a move.  So in terms of why you should stay,  a lot of times you need to stop and give yourself an honest evaluation and ask yourself if you can continue to develop where you are.  Can you take on more opportunities ? Are you really pushing yourself to the limit in your current role ?  It’s important to maximize those opportunities in a lot of cases before you look for new opportunities simply because again the more times you transition in your career the more difficult it can be to move on to the next next opportunity.

Another thing that’s important to consider is thinking strategically about your current role and if the move you may be considering would actually get you where you want to be long term or not.  Sometimes folks might have maybe a bad week or a bad month, and they just immediately jump to a new job without thinking about the long term aspect of whether that new role they just accepted is gonna get them where they want to be 5 10 or 15 years from now. So those are just some things to think about and consider. We’re obviously happy to talk with you about that any time here at The personnel Consulting Group.