Looking At Your Current Position

Hi this is Jim Schneider with the Personnel Consulting Group, Finance and Accounting Search Consultant. I’m going to talk about the importance of finding the joy of where you are in your current position. If you’re in public accounting, perhaps you’re working a ton of hours, you might be traveling a lot and you might be kind of stressed out and looking for encouragement at this phase in your career. You might be working in industry and you might feel that your task is kind of a day-to-day mundane thing. You might feel like it’s a little dry and you might not be sure why you’re doing that. I speak to both of those cases differently.

I would say the person who’s really being challenged and working hard and on the go a lot, it’s important to think about the benefits you’re adding to your career: the fact that you get to work with really bright people, you’re a problem solver, the fact that folks in industry are looking to you for results and input on how to get where they’re trying to go. That’s a really incredible position to be in. There’s a lot of folks who would really want to be in that position. So, it’s just something to think about and become encouraged at this phase of your career. To the person who might say, well maybe things are just a little day to day drive for me: I would say to appreciate the balance you have in your life, the fact that you have a little more flexibility and the ability to maybe, do some other things, pay attention to things that folks who are working around the clock might not get to enjoy. So, I think in any task we have there’s going to be things we don’t like, there’s going to be challenges and there’s going to be things that we don’t look forward to. So, it’s very important to focus on the positive and be thankful for the good things in that particular position. And, as always, if we can help in any way and you have any questions or need any guidance, give us a call anytime.

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