Company History

  • 1969

    It Begins

    Founded in 1969 in the CBD of New Orleans by William Troth, PCG had its first identity as a franchise of Electronic Systems Placement headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The New Orleans office served the accounting and “data processing” sectors. Upon the demise of the ESP franchise, Mr. Troth continued the firm, renaming the company Accounting Personnel Consultants. Mr. Troth also opened offices of APC in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas. Unfortunately, none of those remote offices survived the tumultuous economy of the early 1970’s.

  • 1974

    Expansion and New Leadership

    A couple of years after founding the company, Mr. Troth had a life changing experience when he became a follower of Jesus Christ. He began to feel a tug to go into the Seminary and in 1974 did so, but not before meeting New Orleans native William Fagan, who himself had had a similar spiritual epiphany. Mr. Fagan added, because of his engineering background and experience, an engineering placement component to the firm and began Engineering Personnel Consultants which now complemented Accounting Personnel.

    In 1974 Mr. Troth left New Orleans with his wife, Helene, and two children, to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. Mr. Troth has spent his entire life since his graduation from DTS in some form of vocational ministry. He now resides in South Bend, Indiana, with Helene.

  • 1979

    More Changes

    In 1979, Frank Loria joined EPC as an Oil and Gas Engineering and Geoscience recruiter. In 1980, Dawson Nesbitt came aboard as a part of the accounting and finance recruiting team. They became partners in the firm when Mr. Fagan followed the path of Mr. Troth, and though Mr. Fagan did not attend seminary, he began a local ministry to businessmen and women in the Greater New Orleans area and Baton Rouge where he led Bible Studies and open conversation meetings about the validity of the Christian Faith.

  • 1987

    In 1987, Mr. Nesbitt felt a move back to his roots would be fitting for his wife Alice and their four children, so that year Mr. Loria took over the reins of APC/EPC.

  • 1994

    Broadening Our Scope

    In an effort to enhance our services to our clients, Stat Temps/Stat Resources, a new division for administrative and clerical staffing, was opened.

  • 2000

    A New Identity

    Since its founding in 1969, the company had grown with several new divisions...Accounting Personnel Consultants, Engineering Personnel Consultants, STAT Resources. In 2000, all of the divisions were brought under the umbrella of a new name...The Personnel Consulting Group.

  • 2005

    Weathering the Storm

    Hurricane Katrina caused flooding that filled the basement of the office building in downtown New Orleans that had been the company's headquarters since 1969. The equipment in the basement was damaged to the extent that all tenants of the building were forced to move. PCG moved its offices to the neighboring city of Harahan. Despite not having an office for over 4 months, PCG survived the wrath of Katrina and the subsequent floods.

  • 2012

    One More Move

    In 2012, PCG relocated the office to a more central location in Metairie, LA. The office is adjacent to the 17th Street Canal, which separates Metairie from New Orleans.

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