Job References

Hi, my name is Laura Miller and the topic I’m going to be discussing from the Personnel Consulting Group at this time is references. Every time you go on an interview and you are considered a candidate for a job, they’re going to want to speak to your references. A lot of times we’ll call references, and the people will say “Hey I don’t know why they gave me as a reference. They didn’t even work for me.” So, what you should do is, prior to putting references down, (employment references are what people are looking for), make sure you contact those individuals and let them know “I’ve given you as an employment reference. Is that okay ? ”. Because if it’s not, guess what…they’re probably not going to give you a good reference when we call them. So be sure everybody you put on that piece of paper for a reference is aware of the fact somebody from some company may be giving them a call to find out how your work performance was for them.

So, if you have any other questions regarding references, please give us a call.