Community Involvement

Hi this is Jim Schneider from the Personnel Consulting Group. I’m an Accounting and Finance recruiter. Today I’m going to be talking with you for a moment about the importance of community involvement. So, we’re all aware of benefits of community involvement in terms of making where we live a better place. As a Christian, I’m called to that as a part of ministry opportunities. We’re also aware of the networking benefits of community involvement. The fact that if people know you, they’re more likely to want to work with you. But one thing a lot of folks overlook, is the benefit in terms of people skills improvement. So, when you’re volunteering with organizations and you’re on boards, you’re working with folks of a very different skill set then accountants might be used to dealing with. You’re developing people’s skills so that way when you walk in your next job interview and you have similar competence and proficiency as someone else. But, you know how to interact better with people and you’ve got sharp skills there you have an edge in that process. That’s just something to keep in mind and think about as you continue to move your career forward.