Preparing For An Interview

Hi, I’m Dan Prados, one of the Directors of Accounting and Finance Recruiting here at PCG. Today I am going to talk just a little bit about preparing to go on an interview.  Not trying to be comprehensive.

Here are a few things that I think are very important: you should know the company.  If you’re going to interview somewhere, do some research, get to know the company, look at their website.  If you know who you will be interviewing with, go on LinkedIn or Facebook to see if you can find something out about that person.

Second, know the job.  Go through that job description, underline the things on there that you’ve done. Maybe even make notes next to it, some examples of those things. It is important to know the job.

The third thing is to know your resume: make sure you really understand where you’ve been, what accomplishments you’ve had in each job and why you’ve left those jobs.  Companies always want to know why you left. They also want to know why you are looking to leave where you are now. Have a good answer, and be ready to answer it, so you’re not stuttering and say “uh”.   Just be very prepared.

Obviously, there’s other things like getting there on time, know the directions of how to get there, dressing appropriately. One thing I will say is get there early. You want to make sure you’re not late, but don’t go into an interview more than 10 minute early. People do not like it when you get there half an hour early.  It throws their schedule off; five or ten minutes before the interview is a perfect time to arrive.