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The Cost Of An Unfilled Position

Just how much do you think it’s costing you and your company to have that empty chair in your office unfilled? Think that it’s really not costing you anything, that in fact you are saving money, have a little more room to spread out a bit more paper, one less mouth to feed, no benefits

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Contract Staffing

Long Term Sense For Short Term Needs

Most people are familiar with the conventional employee-employer relationship, where a person is hired by a company in a long-term relationship at which an employee could spend their entire career. When a company needs employees on a shorter-term basis, to handle a backlog or a “spike” in the workload, they can contract PCG to provide staff for the job. When the job is completed, the PCG employee leaves the client for reassignment to another job. All contract staff benefits (vacation, holidays, etc.) are paid by PCG. Contract staffing greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for the company while giving them instant access to the resources they need.  There are several options available:

Direct Hire Recruiting

When The Right Choice Is Imperative, The Right Recruiter Is Essential.

Newspapers can’t do it.  The Internet can’t do it.  Not even friends in the industry can do it. That “it” is the ability to consistently locate the right combination of chemistry, qualifications and experience to meet not only the technical demands of a job, but also the the personal synergy that must exist for there to be a fully flowing work environment.  To be successful at locating the individual who matches all three,  you must have the resources and relationships to draw from.

Our success is testimony in itself.  This track record of success is what our clients benefit from every time they invest in our services.  Our accomplished and proven recruiters have placed thousands of professionals throughout the United States and abroad in virtually every level of responsibility.

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Recent Successes

As an indicator of the success of PCG’s recruiting and staffing services for clients, we partnered with some of our clients in meeting their talent needs in these areas recently.

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