Direct Hire Placement

When The Right Choice Is Imperative, The Right Recruiter Is Essential.

Newspapers can’t do it.  The Internet can’t do it.  Not even friends in the industry can do it. That “it” is the ability to consistently locate the right combination of chemistry, qualifications and experience to meet not only the technical demands of a job, but also the the personal synergy that must exist for there to be a fully flowing work environment.  To be successful at locating the individual who matches all three,  you must have the resources and relationships to draw from.

Our success is testimony in itself.  This track record of success is what our clients benefit from every time they invest in our services.  Our accomplished and proven recruiters have placed thousands of professionals throughout the United States and abroad in virtually every level of responsibility.

Our executive search divisions are available to assist our clients through contingency, container or retained search.

Contingency Search

Searches are conducted on the basis of directly engaging our services.  No placement fee is charged to the client unless the search is consummated in a successful match.

Container Search

As is the case with contingency search, a container search is conducted as a result of  being directly engaged by our client for the purpose of filling a position or positions.  Special priority is afforded our clients choosing container search.  For this priority attention, an initial investment of part of the fee (based on the mid-range salary of the position being filled) is due at the time of the engagement.  In a market where demand for candidates is tight, many clients see the value of container search.

Retained Search

Taking advantage of retained search is what many clients are finding as the greatest use of recruiters.  In this scenario, we take a “drop everything” mentality using the fully focused resources of recruiters and recruiting associates in a combined effort to isolate and identify the individuals who will match the qualifications and chemistry that the client is seeking.  The first installment of the fee is paid by the client upon authorization of the engagement; the second installment is paid when the initial interviews transpire; and the final installment is paid upon the successful completion of the search.

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Contract Staffing

Jim Schneider was quick to listen, and quick to respond. The resumes sent were worthy of review and appropriate for our position. Great feedback from him, helping us clarify what we want and how to get it.